Entry #3


2014-08-16 10:11:56 by LuxiferxLegion

Hey guys, 

If you noticed, i'm not on newgrounds very often and as a result no new artwork is up to date. Lately I've been uploading whatever I feel, that includes old art from last year..which is okay but..I have tons of new artwork you haven't seen yet..but its okay the old stuff is new stuff to you. Like I said in a previous post, if you want to keep updated with me you can follow me on Facebook, Deviant art, or Tumblr. Links are below!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfLuxifer
DeviantART: http://thexartxofxluxifer.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: http://the-art-of-luxifer.tumblr.com/



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