2014-02-03 00:16:40 by LuxiferxLegion

Hey guys,

Lately i've been really active and been getting some pretty good feedback on here. Saying hello to the ones who follow me. Thank you everyone. My spirits been brought back by the mature group of users on this site that keep me uploading my artwork. Forgive me because of the artwork is old and I didn't really upload much on here to begin with. Expect some old surprises.  You can always find new artwork on my facebook fan page and my deviant art to catch up on my latest projects.    



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2014-02-03 19:14:40

You're welcome!


2014-05-27 13:00:22

I just went looking through all your stuff thinking I could add them to my favorites, when I ran into a problem I like them all. It wouldn't be fair if I put so much of your stuff in my favorites, so I just put you instead!