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I have my reasons.

2013-07-21 20:53:38 by LuxiferxLegion

Let me break it down for you friends.(Note to friends: Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions , things I think is wrong with this art portal.) If artist have to draw hentai to get noticed on this website on the fairly new feature "Art portal" then they're pathetic. I for one don't really come on this website anymore for obvious reasons. Those days are long gone. I've seen better days on this site back in 2002. When they introduced the art portal I was excited to say the least. Finally I get to show everyone my artwork because i'm so bad at flash animation. WRONG. I didn't get "Scouted" til recently and that bullshit (let me tell you) is fucked up. Why does an artist have to be "scouted" by someone who's willing to let that user upload their artwork and to be shown IN the art portal. Fuck-that-shit. Okay, most of you have asked me in PM (personal messages) why I don't upload all my artwork on here or "artist like myself need more recognition." I have Recognition, just not on this forsaken art portal. I come here rarely to upload my artwork because I know there is 12 year old trolls who want to see some cartoon porn. Some may argue with me and agree that its a waste of talent and skills, and some may try to defend that statement. Well get it through your thick skulls, if you're that good and not making cash from it....well lets just say you're wasting your skills buddy. I'm sorry that I don't come on frequently. I really want to interact with my fans on here BUT some obvious features of this site is keeping me from doing so. Well to answer a question that some of your are probably asking yourselves..I upload artwork on here because I feel like it. There is no REAL reason why I keep coming back on this site if I know what lies ahead of me. The only truth I can tell you is I've been a newgrounds user for years. Making new accounts because there is no way to delete old ones apparently. Now I just don't really come on where theres WAYYYY better gallery sites to upload your artwork. If you guys want to keep in touch, you can find me on Deviant art. Thexartxofxluxifer.deviantart.com or my fan page www.facebook.com/theartofluxifer Thank you for your time. See you on the flipside.

I have my reasons.


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2013-07-22 01:16:19

really good point dude and the fact that the same problem occurs in the audio portal is a little bit annoying i find out that i needed 5 "tunes" in order to get visible just to be approved haha anyways, you should still use this page to drop some art of yours, perhaps is not the best but it helps i guess haha keep on rockin' dude


2013-07-22 10:54:29

True, I also hate that great artists get less recognition by their artwork [in here] than others that do hentai or related and instantly get lots of people commenting and giving high rating, even if the artwork is not that good...just because it is hentai...


2013-07-22 11:42:13

Yes i agree the scouting system is a load of shit, and yes the user base is strongly alienated towards tits (as we all knew and Sabtastic just confirmed), but there is at least honesty. So Deviant art is supposed to be for art but that is every 4 months on a red moon the rest of the time is the same pink haired girl with a different dress and background, and they are everywhere from the dark club to the surreal, abstract, monster, kaiju, and even the graffiti nation clubs, absurdity!

And Newgrounds is for whatever, so... is shadman possessing a monopoly on this place's art portal popularity? yes he does, is he getting frontpaged? no, does he needs to? no, is that fair? no, and yes why? because porn is popular and will beat fine all else, so people will gravitate to the closest thing to it, and the same happens on DA, and the same happens to art in general, banal things will always be more popular than that with more effort put into it, it happens to music, movies and even literature, inside and outside the net, romance itself is a cancer, to begin with, romance wasn't even about love, it was the epic adventure of man against the unknown, histories of war and grandeur in most cases the hero was already married and with sons, nothing left there to deal on those dead ends, but even that got bastardized and now romance is a whole different thing, something lesser.

In this world you can't escape trends, they are everywhere specially in art, and you can feel entitled to be mad at this site for allowing hentai to take such a big spot, but lets say this is a fair world, then more than half your content would still suffer because all that fan art, original characters (which very terminology is a shame to originality and a redundancy), plus your not so "dark" art will get the same treatment, sure is not "indecent" as porn, but is definitively inferior, so while doing hentai can be pathetic, fan art is no better, it serves the same purpose: to satisfy an unoriginal and repressed fantasy, but in this regard at least porn is more honest.

DA is no better, that place is actually alienated with users incapable to honestly develop a review with criticism, as if they were programmed to be overly nice and lick the posters feet, and i have actually got entire comments censored for writing things just like this one.

LuxiferxLegion responds:

On some notes, DA is no better than newgrounds art portal. You have options on either website to turn off the maturity or turn it on to see the "Porn". Criticism of someone's art is another story. No one learns from positives, you can only learn from negatives. There is a lot of boot licking on DA to make artists that lack on some skills needed brushing up on , they are never told. I respect your comment and its damn right on point.


2013-08-21 02:12:55

weal the art portal is like everything else in the world it has hidden jewels, and yes there is a hole bunch of creepy stuff but im in newgrounds for those jewels and the audio portal, but im a great fan of your work another great website for art is Deviant art which you have just appreciate the fans you have and do the art for love, if i had you skills and do it just for me take care and happy wishes.

LuxiferxLegion responds:

Remember if you want more from me you can go to my fan page on facebook : www.facebook.com/theartofluxifer
My DA page : thexartxofxluxifer.deviantart.com
I like to interact with my fans as much as possible. I care about you guys.


2014-01-31 08:31:16

Yea you got a point, but I think those 12 year old will grow up at sometime too... and may get a sense of real good art (small chance I know) :D